Tuesday, May 29, 2012


While i should perhaps first discuss sissies and our general relation to BDSM and feminization, this sissy very much feels compelled to speak about chastity.

In my humble opinion, i believe that the key for a Master to really dominate, control, and own a sissy is to control its sissy-clit. The overwhelming majority of sissies will probably agree that post-orgasm is when a sissy sinks deepest into male-thinking delusion. We sometimes feel ashamed and promise to try and suppress our natural submissive sissiness. It is my humble opinion that this is a mistake that a lot of Doms make--allowing their sissy to cum after every scene. Again, doing this only allows us sissies possibly think we are actually men!

The clear answer is chastity. By controlling a sissy's clit, you control how many orgasms (if any) she is allowed to have. In addition to preventing any male-delusions, chastity can keep sissies in a constant state of arousal. And as many of all of us already know, when a is lustful, wonton, and sex-crazed she is also at her most obedient and submissive state. Chasity is also a very humiliating state for a sissy to be in; and as i will probably discuss in a later entry, humiliation is deeply arousing for most sissies.

So if a sissy is in proper chastity and has a regular regiment of punishment and humiliation, it will only add to the sexual frustration and pain the sissy experiences--and further humiliation and shame. i call this a downward spiral of humiliation, frustration, and submission. The more the humiliation, the more the sissy will want to please and serve he Master. The more her Master uses her, the more sexual frustrated she becomes. The more frustrated she becomes, the more abuse, degradation, and humiliation she will endure just for the possibility of release--which then makes her more obedient and submissive, and so on and on. This condition is an amazing tool for any Master to use to truly break and own a sissy.

Now obviously the terms and length of chastity are completely up to the sissy' owner. But the perfect sissy should be in 24/7 chastity for the rest of her life as a sissy-slave. And once locked up, she should never again be allowed to have a real orgasm ever again, or even lay a finger on her bare clit for that matter. This means that the sissy should be allowed to be milked or milk herself maybe twice a month (more or less depending on the sissy) and when unlocked for inspection or cleaning, she should be properly restrained. To torture the sissy even more, the Master can tease or even edge the sissy periodically and then lock her again with no relief. Within a month or so, this condition of strict chastity and denial should transform a man's sissy into a submissive, lustful fuck-doll.

Remember, a sissy's purpose in life is to serve Men. Their pleasure and amusement is a sissy's only priority. You do not know how much it upsets me when i see supposed "sissy" stroke her clit when being fucked by a Man. Here in the link below is an excellent video example of how a properly locked sissy should please Men (i know the music sucks!)



  1. I try to be a good sissy ihope you have learn to serve well

    Sissy pia

  2. she is so beautiful and sexy and she looks so cute with her clit locked in a cage,i wish that was me sucking and fucking two men.