Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello, this sissy is named lexi. This blog will be about what the perfect, or at least ideal, sissy is and should be. It is this sissy's hope that this blog will offer guidance to all sissies and those who train and own them on how a sissy should look, act, speak, move, and think.

First, some editorial notes:

1) This sissy believes that ideally, sissies should not speak in first person. When referring to oneself, a sissy should say for example "sissy", "this sissy" or if owned and allowed to speak to its Master, then "your sissy" is probably the most appropriate. However, for the purpose of practicality, this sissy may use "i" when referring to itself due to the difficulty of writing in such a manner--particularly when using inclusive/plural first person pronouns such as "we" or "us" (here i will use traditional grammar and not the "W/we" or "U/us" used by some in the BDSM community).

Why speak in such a manner, and why does this sissy use "it" and not her or she when referring to itself or other sissies. First, it is used as a means of control that a Real Man or Master/Daddy can exert over his property. Controlling his sissy's speech adds a unique psychological layer to his dominance over his slave. The second reason leads us the note.

2) sissies are below regular Men and Women. i would say that they are even subhuman in a sense, but i will avoid using such a term that carries so many negative historical connotations. A proper sissy will never procreate, what science calls a penis i call a "sissy clit". It is almost utterly worthless to other. Its only uses include receiving abuse, a source of ridicule, and a means to control a sissy's behavior. The only purpose of a sissy is to serve and be used. It is an object for whatever use its owner sees fit--one does not refer to an object as he or her. Calling and having a sissy refer to itself in such as a manner also serves to reinforce as a constant reminder of the sissy's role in life. Again, i might in the future refer to sissies as either it or she/her for ease of writing or to avoid confusion.

Thanks for reading my first entry. This sissy will post her first really entry as soon as possible. i was think it might be an attempt to define what a sissy is...

If you are wondering, the pics are of me. i am a sissy in my 20s, 5'5" and about 129 pounds.



  1. You are absolutely stunning

  2. you are a very beautiful sissy girl. you have a great ass. the only thing you are missing from your pic is your ass need to be bright red from a harsh daily spanking. and a large dildo in you to keep you nice and strech out.

  3. Yeah, you are pretty but the only thing I want to see is the top of your head while you're on your knees and the back of your head while you're face down and ass up. If you're lucky I'll look at your face while you're on your back with your knees over your head. A gurl like you needs to know her place and that's wearing short skirts, garter belt, heels and thong. No bra. Never a bra. That way wherever we're at all I need to do is bend you over while you're standing, pull your skirt up, slide your thong to the side and plug into your ass. You would look even better wearing only a thong, nylons, heels, collar and leash. Your place is to serve men. Any man, any place, any time.