Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What is a sissy?

As most of you know, there really is not a definitive description what we call a sissy.

According to Wikipedia:

A sissy is a genetic male who crossdresses, adopts hyper-feminine behaviors, and engages in stereotypical "feminine" activities (e.g. housekeeping, putting on make-up), often within the context of BDSM. Particularly within the BDSM community, a "sissy" will typically assume the submissive role to a dominant female and/or male partner(s).

In many respects, i agree with this description. However, there are disagreements as it is such a widely applied term. In my humble opinion, to be a sissy, first you must be a genetic male who adopts, or is striving to adopt, a feminine image--meaning that they are or want to look like what a traditional woman in their society looks like and to a certain degree acts like. Secondly, a sissy must have a "sissy clit". Whether it is a fully functioning penis, or after castration (chemical or surgical) a vestigial and utterly limp cock, a true sissy must be constantly reminded of how she is not a man or woman but something completely different and in many ways pathetic (as in a later blog, i will discuss the need and impact of chastity on a sissy-slave). This requirement pretty much disqualifies post-op transsexuals form being classified as a sissy. And third, a sissy MUST be a 100% bottom submissive. Shemales who fuck guys in porn, or in the personal life, are not sissies. Nor are mtf (male-to-female) transvestites who top, or even just penetrate, their partners are not sissies. In adopting feminine characteristic, sissies adopt the most traditional approach of the passive feminine role during sex. The Man is in charge, you are there for His pleasure. And in that feminine role, you may only derive pleasure from your "pussy" or ass through Him penetrating you. A sissy should not ever have the opportunity, or even desire to use its sissy clit to penetrate anything.

Which will bring me to the next topic that i believe is essential in becoming the perfect sissy...chastity.

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of myself in a proper offering position to be taken by a Real Man.

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