Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Only way a sissy should be allowed to "masturbate"

Once in chastity, this is the only type of masturbation a sissy should ever be allowed to do--if of course given permission by her Daddy. Here is the slutty Yuki Cross from xhamster...


  1. that was fantastic, and this sissy agrees. big sissy kisses lexi.

  2. Iv bin in Chastitu for 2 years this is how I'm most comonly alout to orgasm n I'm keept in my cage u can email me at bostonrules1985@yahoocom

  3. That is so fucking cute,i want to have a master or a mistress who will lock me up in chastity and dominate me,i would love to be always horny and frustrated and always be there to give my master pleasure.